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Supporting Anglicare PNG

Sir Brian Bell Foundation CEO Bronwyn Wright talks to NBC PNG about the foundations support of K200,000 to Anglicare PNG Inc to address HIV/AIDs in Papua New Guinea.

Interview with Ian Clough on PNG Tonight

WOW, a great interview with the Executive Director, Mr. Ian Clough, Brian Bell Group of Companies and Director, Sir Brian Bell Foundation. We are sure that he’ll be autographing T-Shirts and posters in no time… this family has done so much for PNG and the legacy is continuing.

Welcoming the Swedish U20 FIFA Female World Cup Team
Chairman of Brian Bell Group and Director of SBBF, Trevan G. Clough welcoming the Swedish U20 FIFA Female World Cup Team to PNG. He offered a warm welcome to the team and wished them all the very best during the competition and for their stay while in PNG.
The Right Pitch

By Gorethy Kenneth, Post Courier 21/02/17

DRIVEN for success and looking to expand her knowledge base at Draper University, this 27-year-old lass that you will read about is reaping the benefits of following her dreams.

Roberta Morlin, 27, from Manus and Bougainville, is an exceptionally talented and driven young woman with her very own Papua New Guinea story.

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Sir Brian Bell Foundation Helps St John

The Sir Brian Bell Foundation has provided support to St John Ambulance with K100,000 funding assistance to maintain its operations while working to secure ongoing financial commitments.

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