The Sir Brian Bell Foundation


The Sir Brian Bell Foundation is a proud Papua New Guinean based Foundation and as the name suggests links to the great man and businessman Sir Brian Bell.

The Foundation was established as a legacy to Sir Brian’s love for PNG and his desire to give back to the country he loved so much.
Sir Brian Bell while an exceptionally tough business person, had a reputation for being one of Papua New Guinea’s renowned philanthropists.

Through Sir Brian’s life, from 1928 – 2010, he continually donated funds, equipment, and other items back to the PNG community. Many times unbeknown to others.


The establishment of the Sir Brian Bell Foundation is a way for the family to continue this great man’s work at both a professional and personal level. The Sir Brian Bell family is not just his late wife Jean, children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. It includes over 1,200 staff that work tirelessly to continue to grow and develop the Brian Bell Group of companies.

The Sir Brian Bell Foundation is managed by CEO – Bronwyn Wright, granddaughter of Sir Brian. Her passion, commitment and drive for the Foundation and to Papua New Guinea is unwavered.


Our Vision

Our vision for the Sir Brian Bell Foundation is one that is based on our family values. We established the Foundation to focus on the  greatest areas of need, so we can work with individuals, organisations,  charities where we can do the most good.

We seek to unlock the wantok values for working together. We are dedicated to improving the quality of life for individuals across PNG, and this then becomes the catalyst for changes for future generations.


Stay Up To Date

The latest health information and updates can be found on our facebook page.