Roberta Morlin

Roberta Morlin is an exceptionally talented and driven young woman who was a Kumul Game Changer program finalist in 2015, it is her mission to deliver an interactive support platform (APP) driving cervical cancer information for Pacific Island women and connecting them to well women clinics with a fundraising component to support those who cannot afford basic cervical cancer screening. “My concept is an APP, called Fe’mahealth, which will allow women to discuss or consult a doctor for medical advice online openly. No waiting, no need to travel initially, and this allows the women of PNG real access to medical information no matter where they are in PNG” commented Ms. Morlin.

Roberta was invited to attend Draper University to attend an intensive 7-week Entrepreneur Program in 2017 that gathers the world’s most promising young innovators to accelerate their ideas in San Mateo, California in the United States. This is where she can test, develop, adapt and seek further support to make this APP a reality for the women of PNG. The Sir Brian Bell Foundation jumped at the opportunity to support this extraordinary woman and sponsor her studies, enhance her learning and bring home her knowledge to PNG.

Sir Brian Bell Foundation, CEO Mrs. Bronwyn Wright, commented, “This was an amazingly well-timed coincidence and good fortune. I had been following the journey of Roberta, and I had become intrigued to meet her and discuss her ideas. Being successful in PNG is not easy, and it is even more challenging being a young woman. Her story inspired me, and I wanted to connect with her to see where we could support her work in health. After our initial discussion and hearing of her passion for health, I was motivated to be involved. Our timing could not have been better to assist her with the required funding. We don’t provide support to just any projects. We are looking for motivated individuals, beneficial ideas for PNG and strategically thought out programs that we can see a process to success. Roberta ticked all these boxes and many more. I am delighted that the Foundation is supporting her.”
Since returning to PNG, Roberta has brought her new found knowledge back to PNG. In late 2018 the FemBot project was morphed into “MERICARE” with the first two phases launching in April 2019. The Sir Brian Bell Foundation is proud to continue assisting Roberta’s vision for MERICARE to be a “one-stop shop” for Women in the Pacific and the largest medium to hospitals and clinics in the region.

Phases 2019

1. Educational Content and Dissemination of Information through – MERICARE e-newsletter every month (MARCH 2019) There is 100% appetite for cervical cancer information in PNG and Fiji.

2. Web App portal for Connecting to Well Women Clinics with a Donation Component to support women who can’t afford basic screening. (We have secured 2 partnerships with Well Women Clinics in December 2018 and February of 2019.) (MARCH 2019)

3. Cervical Cancer Survivor AI Agent that supports women through their battles.

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