Sir Brian Bell Foundation Helps St John

By Gorethy Kenneth
The Sir Brian Bell Foundation has provided support to St John Ambulance with K100,000 funding assistance to maintain its operations while working to secure ongoing financial commitments.

Brian Bell Group Chairman Ian Clough said yesterday that the Foundation had provided K100,000 as a short-term relief and were working to help raise awareness of the organisation and support funding discussions.

“Over time Sir Brian personally had provided a significant sum but the specifics aren’t easy to calculate,” Mr Clough said. “Im really keen to highlight the challenges but focus on the improvements the organisation has made and the size of the risk if they don’t see the support they need. Hopefully this will create an awareness that gets the remaining people needed on board” he said.

St John Ambulance has been supported by the late Sir Brian Bell and most recently by his foundation for 30 years with Sir Brian being awarded the order of St John commendation in 1995 and the commander (brother) of the Order in 2004 for his services to St John Ambulance in PNG.

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