On Sunday 11th of October, 2020 Equal Playing Field held a special event “Kokoda in a Day” supported by the Sir Brian Bell Foundation to raise additional funds for their special “respectful relationships” school programs to prevent violence against women and children.

On Sunday the Brian Bell Group team led by CEO Cameron Mackellar walked with team members and their families on their own route to complete the challenge up to burns peak starting from the newly built Le Hunte building. It was a challenging climb to the summit but the whole team made it to the top and were rewarded with a spectacular view. Brian Bell Group CEO Cameron Mackellar was happy with the progress and positive outcome of the event and encouraged the Equal Playing Fields team to keep up the good work. The Sir Brian Bell Foundation was happy to support this special event and is thrilled to see the community support behind this initiative to keep the program running.

Additionally the Sir Brian Bell Foundation donated several vouchers for the cause including 1st Prize – K1000 Gift Voucher, 2nd Prize – K500 Gift Voucher and 3rd Prize – K250 Gift Voucher.

The Sir Brian Bell Foundation was presented a Certificate of Appreciation for participating in the challenge with the Brian Bell Group team.