Lighthouse Christian Academy

Providing the opportunity for Underprivileged Children to attend a quality education facility like the Lighthouse Christian Academy (LCA) is a program worth supporting. The Sir Brian Bell Foundation took the opportunity to extend the program at the Lighthouse Christian Academy with funding support that will see 25 students benefit directly.

The funding support provided by the Foundation was excellent timing as the long term partnership with Life PNG was cancelled due to a change in funding circumstances. The financial support provided was critical in sustaining the education program for disadvantaged kids as well as empower families and communities in NCD. At LCA, they use the American ACE Curriculum which is a global standard for transformational education. They strive on the philosophy of educating the next generation of leaders, based on their conviction to serve humanity regardless of their background or affordability. LCA discriminates against no one and accepts everyone.

2017 saw the highest number of students graduating from the ACE program. New graduation gowns and uniform were also provided in 2018 to enhance learning further and give the students a sense of pride. The Foundation was thrilled to have made such a significant impact to Lighthouse Christian Academy students in 2018 and will continue to provide support throughout 2019.


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