Kisim Na Givim

In 2018, when Anglicare launched a new project to empower communities and reduce poverty the Sir Brian Bell Foundation jumped at the opportunity to get involved. The most important resources in the community is human and social capital: individual skills experience and collective energy to make our community a better place. The Sir Brian Bell Foundation shares these values and is proud to support Anglicare PNG once again.

Anglicare’s National Director Ms. Heni Meke said, “according to the United Nations approximately 39% of the population live below the government’s official national poverty line, which means the percentage of people have very little income or nothing at all to access the basic services, this 39 % of the population literally do not have discretionary funds to support their livelihoods”. Piloted in Port Moresby to address poverty issues Kisim Na Givim has been put in place to assist HIV positive individuals to reduce stigma and get back into the workforce. Anglicare PNG looks forward to the day it will manage thousands of Cooperatives across the length and breadth of Papua New Guinea with cooperatives converting their projects into “Social Enterprise” and becoming economically independent. This concept comes in three parts the Receiving (Seed), Giving Back (Seed Transfer) and the Top-up strategy (Additional). It is their goal to see this program being implemented in the Anglican Church communities and its partner communities across 11 Provinces in Papua New Guinea.

In 2018, 6 people were provided K3,400 says corporate manager Collin Andamale, “We have given seed capital (to the six people) with a time frame to use, make themselves a good profit and support their living,” Andamale said. “The program will also see the emergence of the Cooperatives under the Department of Commerce Trade and Industry, we envision to have projects multiplied.”

With support from the Sir Brian Bell Foundation who provided seed capital for the projects the Kisim Na Givem project has commenced and will continue to run successfully in 2019.

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