Hope Worldwide (PNG) Inc.

Hope Worldwide PNG is a non-profit organisation which has supported PNG for over 20 years. Hope PNG started from a mobile caravan in 9 mile to now managing 4 health facilities in the country while also running programs in TB/ HIV prevention, treatment and care in the communities.

In 2016 “Kisim Save Helpim Hauslain” (Gain Knowledge and help your neighbours) a program under Hope PNG was implemented to work with communities to help reduce HIV associated stigma and discrimination including violence particularly against key populations (female sex workers, homosexual, transgender) and other more vulnerable people in our community including youths.

Many people do not have access health services due to discrimination which in turn increases the HIV prevalence rate. Combining the support of partnering Community-Based Organizations, Hope PNG were able to reach out to many people who otherwise would not seek health services including HIV testing and diagnosis. This vital service and access to treatment reduces complex health issues in communities and raising awareness that HIV is manageable.

Sir Brian Bell Foundation provided much-needed funds to help them continue their work which connects people to care and in turn reduces HIV prevalence in the country. The funding provided by the Foundation will allow for thousands of additional HIV suffers to seek treatment under Hope PNG. The organisation operates on extremely tight budgets and all funds provided are going to directly to operations and supporting on-going capacity building.

Priscilla Sine Mal Country Director for HOPE Worldwide PNG “I’m grateful for the incomparable services and support of Sir Brian Bell Foundation in addressing the health needs of Papua New Guineans”.

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