Haus Pikinini

The Sir Brian Bell Foundation supports Haus Pikinini a proud Paradise 4 Kids project.

Working with the Haus Pikinini team, our Brian Bell team based in Lae, provided much needed goods to assist with the set up and needs of the children under their care.

Based in Waramuli in Wau, Haus Pikinini cares for the children who slip through the net of the wantok system and are deemed vulnerable and “at risk” for various reasons.

At present they cater for children between the ages of 3 -8 and have 26 children at any given time under their care.

Haus Pikinini cares for the children not so much in an institutionalised way but by being there as their family and they to consider the other children as part of their family for the duration of their time with us. When they are old enough to enter a High School they will move on to the local high school which is a boarding facility and they may choose to spend weekends and holidays with us to earn a little pocket money and help out with the younger children who will come in and take their place.

The children under care, get attention and discipline in a Christian environment with a lot of love and learning. They are provided with nutritional meals, health and hygenic care and clean clothes for school and a warm bed at night with disciplined bedtimes.

Since providing the goods to Haus Pikinini, the Foundation have provided funds to ensure all medical and school needs are available to each child and will continue to do so.



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