Grass Skirt Project

We are proud to announce our partnership with the Grass Skirt Project and National Art Prize.

Imagine a Papua New Guinea without paintings, photographs, drawings, carvings. We wouldn’t have culture; we wouldn’t have traditions; we wouldn’t have history. Our artistic culture needs to be celebrated and this is why we are very proud to announce our new partnership of the Grass Skirt Project’s Timothy Akis & Georgina Beier National Art Prize.

This newly formed National Art Prize is more than it might first appear. As many people know, art takes many forms, and touches people in very different ways. This is exactly the same as the National Art Prize. Art is an expression, it is communication, it gives people a feeling and it is another medium in which we can utilise as we spread information around key health issues and education topics throughout the country. 

The National Art prize is part of the Grass Skirt Project that is all about a belief that sport can play a fundamental role in the elimination of gender-based violence.

The Grass Skirt Project commenced in 2016, with the core promotion of gender equality, elimination of gender-based violence, empowerment of women and girls and the building of stronger, more resilient communities around and through participation in sport.

In 2019, the Grass Skirt Project has taken the next step towards looking at how they integrate a broader mindset of protecting PNG’s vast history, and its traditional forms of Art.

The National Art Prize has seen globally known and recognised Papua New Guinean Artists form a collective to support this new event.

These Artists all have a style, a story, a history that they continue to share with the world. They also know the importance of art to cultures, to people, and ensuring people continue with their ancestral past so they have an identity in the future.

Art is a way we can communicate, it provides feelings and tells a story. Art in today’s society, provides outlets to people in tragic circumstances, like gender based and sexual violence. Women and Children are affected globally, and often use Art as a form of expression to overcome their painful and tragic experiences.

In looking to the educational element of Art, it is used to help young children with learning difficulties, it helps them to communicate and achieve a sense of wonder to be able to contribute and be part of a community where people can understand and interact with them.

At the Sir Brian Bell Foundation, our connection to health and education is everything to us. We were delighted to learn of the National Art Prize, its connection to preserving PNG culture via Art, by using Art to help the in tragic circumstances, and to achieve a positive outcome for people with learning difficulties.

“I could not be prouder to be supporting an organisation such as the Grass Skirt Project. They are working their magic on so many levels, to achieve great health and education outcomes by using what every Papua New Guinean has right in front of them, Sport, Art and our communities,” commented Sir Brian Bell Foundation CEO, Ms. Bronwyn Wright

“We are a country of highly diverse and passionate people. We all love our families, but as in every community, we have challenges. These are everything from tragic circumstances, safety issues with violence, and often situations outside of our control where children are born with reduced learning capacities. These are all very sad situations; however, the National Art Prize is all about the positive. It’s about protecting our cultures, being expressive, showing our talents and learning how art can help and support communities on so many levels.”

“So today, I proudly announce our partnership with the National Art Prize. I encourage people of all ages to get involved. It’s fun, it’s about expressing yourself, and it’s about being part of something bigger. So, think about what is on your mind, and then transfer this to an artwork that will be with us forever” commented Sir Brian Bell Foundation CEO, Ms. Bronwyn Wright.


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