First Aid In Schools

First Aid in Schools

The Sir Brian Bell Foundation supports Health and Education programs nationwide and is thrilled to continue to partner with St John Ambulance in their efforts to better educate the young people of PNG in First Aid. When a medical emergency strikes, minutes matter. Immediate intervention by those trained in First Aid has been proven to reduce disability and length of stay in hospital. Almost 90% of young people have had to deal with some kind of crisis while over 97% of young people believe First Aid education would improve their confidence, skills and willingness to act in a crisis according to a survey from St John and Red Cross in the UK.

The experienced and highly trained St John Ambulance Paramedics have taught students to provide a better understanding of the human body, how it works and, in an incident, or accident how students can potentially save a life. The program covers a range of topics developed by St John Ambulance which are relevant to PNG including general First Aid, consent, hygiene and handwashing, CPR, snake bites, bone breaks, choking, childbirth, burns and dangers to be aware of during an emergency. The knowledge gained from the program allows students to take their new learnings and workbooks back to their homes and communities, so others may learn from their experiences. Students were also encouraged to download, learn to use and spread the message that the St John Ambulance Emergency APP which when used in a medical emergency shows GPS coordinates which can be provided to a St John Ambulance call taker, so paramedics can easily locate patients when in need.

2018– 1453 Students
  • Badihagwa Technical Secondary College
  • Marianville Secondary School
  • Kila Kila Secondary School
2019 – 1424 Students so far.
  • De La Salle Secondary School
  • Koiari Park Adventist Secondary
  • Jubilee Catholic Secondary
  • St Charles Lwanga Catholic Secondary



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