The Foundation has proudly supported the work of Anglicare PNG in 2017 and 2018 and has committed to assist their efforts in the fight against HIV/AIDS in Papua New Guinea.

This support has allowed Anglicare PNG can continue to help their current 1000+ patients who are on lifelong treatment. These patients need a continuum of care and support through treatment after diagnosis. It is a proven scientific fact that early detection & continued treatment can lead to an extended lifespan while managing daily life with HIV/AIDS.

Sir Brian Bell was a pioneering champion to the fight against HIV/AIDs, with prior support provided to Anglicare Stop Aids and now with the next evolution of Anglicare PNG Inc. This latest donation is a commitment to Anglicare PNG Inc as the late Sir Brian Bell’s express wish.

Anglicare Foundation Chairman Sir Kostas Constantinou, OBE received the donation from the Sir Brian Bell Foundation in the presence of Anglicare PNG Staff and other dignitaries. Sir Kostas Constantinou, commented, “I am excited to see Sir Brian’s commitment to the people of Papua New Guinea being continued via his Foundation.

This donation will have a positive impact on so many Papua New Guineans and deliver real positive outcomes to many of their lives each day.” Sir Kostas Constantinou, Chairman of the Anglicare Foundation, was incredibly grateful on behalf of the Anglicare Foundation & Anglicare PNG for the commitment being shown by the Foundation in their social and community responsibility.

Drop in Centre (DIC)
Through this donation, the DIC will be able to open additional days during the week to feed nutritious meals to clients that are exceptionally sick and undernourished. Orphaned children, widows, couples and people rejected by families are registered at DIC. This additional funding will allow an increase in patients registered from the current number of 60. Currently working on a budget of K600.00 per week, the donation will enable more clients to seek nutritious meals on a more regular basis as well as find additional counselling from the Anglicare PNG expert staff on site. The donation will enable the continuation of home patient visits where people are visited at home or hospital every Monday, Tuesdays and Thursdays with hygiene products for those who cannot afford it.

Support Activities
This funding will also support areas where it is needed to utilise for the maximum benefit of the 1000+ registered clients.

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