My Walk to Equality

Sponsorship of ‘My Walk to Equality’ which was launched on the 8th March

International Women’s Day is a collection of women’s writing designed to present relevant issues from a women’s perspective and to help elevate the status of women, and women writers, in Papua New Guinea.

The anthology celebrates the contribution of women to Papua New Guinean society. It also sets out some of the problems and issues confronting those women in their daily lives.

These issues are set out in an eclectic mix of poetry, essays and short stories. The anthology also challenges the myths and stereotypes often associated with the drive to reduce inequalities in Papua New Guinea.

The anthology is also an opportunity for Papua New Guineans to recognise and appreciate the women of their nation. Women are active in many fields in Papua New Guinea, occasionally in leadership roles. Papua New Guinean women are doctors and nurses, business leaders, environmental activists, and politicians. Other women in more traditional roles form the backbone of Papua New Guinean society. All of them need to be celebrated. These women are diligently working to advance their country and remedy the wrongs they encounter, even though the task often seems overwhelming. The anthology draws attention to and suggests approaches to the serious challenges Papua New Guinea must address to become the nation it wants to be and which its people need.

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Feature in Paradise Magazine – the in-flight magazine of Air Niugini, July/August 2017

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