Sir Brian Bell Foundation is proud to announce our partnership with with Queenpads

Papua New Guinea has extremely talented, innovative and creative people that have identified issues in our society and set about to achieve a positive outcome for change.

One organisation doing this is Queenpads. This new organisation has been built on a dire need for a solution that affects thousands of Papua New Guinea women and girls every single day.

The majority of PNG faces hardship every day, with income being the primary focus of creating these challenges. It’s a daily battle to balance what is best for the family and making sacrifices that is often the burden of the women in the family environment.

QueenPads was established to provide a cost effective and re-usable solution, for menstrual products.

Whilst this is not a top of mind discussion, and often not on the lists for donor funding; this is a critically important topic and issue. 

It affects women and girls every day across PNG. Imagine not being able to go to school, or attend work as you do not have a menstrual product to get you through your day. 

Many try to find an alternate solution, to conduct a normal daily life, however these can often fail and can even have other health related issues. Over 1.2 billion women across the world do not have access to basic sanitation, making their periods a monumental challenge every month. 

The Sir Brian Bell Foundation has been following the launch and development of this organisation to see how it was progressing in finding a solution. It is important to the Sir Brian Bell Foundation that organisations developing new products such as this, have the drive and desire to achieve and not simply stop at the first obstacle.

It is with great pleasure and excitement that the Sir Brian Bell Foundation announces our key delivery partnership with QueenPads to further develop and deliver this product and health and education around menstrual hygiene to the women and girls of PNG. 

“While the daily habits go on around everyone each day, women in 3rd world countries like PNG face the challenge of dealing with how to manage good menstrual hygiene. In first world countries this is not as big of an issue. You purchase the required menstrual products and you go about your work or school day. Our PNG women and girls do not have this luxury, as the quality menstrual products are often outside the weekly budget,” commented Sir Brian Bell Foundation, CEO, Ms Bronwyn Wright

“It is not acceptable that our women and girls face this challenge every day. Every woman deserves this basic essential of a quality and affordable menstrual product so they can continue to go to work and to go to school. Our new partnership with QueenPads will see funding used to further develop their new quality products that are re-usable and will be available across PNG.”

“It is estimated that more than 30% of female students regularly miss school due to lack of access to sanitation pads in Papua New Guinea. Further, is it estimated that 20% of women in the workforce do not attend work on a monthly basis due to lack of access to sanitation pads. This is not only impacting our women, but it is placing extra strain on PNG businesses and the economy.”

“We have an obligation to support the basic development of products like this. The Sir Brian Bell Foundation is proud to be supporting an organisation that is going to change thousands of lives everyday with the distribution of these products.”

“The coming months will be very exciting. Watch this space.” commented Sir Brian Bell Foundation, CEO, Ms Bronwyn Wright

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